Airport Services

Ground support equipment, engineering and services for civil and military aviation.

Ground support equipment, engineering and services

Working in an airport environment requires planned, careful and safe work. In addition to these, the problems should be solved as quickly as possible, so that there is no long-term disruption to air traffic or the airport environment or, in the worst case, a stoppage of operations. However, when striving for the fastest possible maintenance, work safety cannot be compromised. Various laws, regulations, standards and workplace-specific guidelines must be followed.

The aim is to anticipate equipment maintenance and thus aim for a situation where unexpected breakdowns can be minimized and repairs can also be prepared for. In this case, airport or ground handling can prepare in advance, for example, for future scheduled maintenance. The devices must be checked, serviced and their condition must be constantly maintained. Maintenance tasks are performed every day.

Our Services

  • GSE: Ground support equipment, engineering and services for civil and military aviation
  • GPU and spare parts procurement together with partners
  • Maintenance, purchase and technical support of Dekal measuring devices
  • GPU maintenance, technical support, spare parts
  • Project work, special projects and projects
  • Training and preparation of guidelines

Aircraft electrical systems

The aim is to develop airplanes to be more energy efficient by increasing their transport capacity, extending the flight distance and reducing fuel consumption.

The electrical system is of great importance to the mass of the aircraft and how its volume can be used to advantage. Airplanes have different electrical systems, but the most common is the 115VAC and 400Hz system, for example in passenger airplanes, and the 28VDC system in smaller, for example, military airplanes.

Ground current equipment and maintenance

Ground power devices are used at the airport to generate the electricity it needs for the parked aircraft, so that electricity does not have to be produced by the aircraft’s own engines. Ground power devices are fixed and mobile, both using the electricity grid and diesel-powered. The newest newcomers are also electrically powered devices. Due to air traffic schedules, ground power devices must function reliably and their maintenance and repairs must be handled quickly so that there are no delays to air traffic.

Airport operators have several ground current devices and the number of maintenance requests varies. In addition to this, annual inspections are carried out on the devices and components are proactively renewed based on them. Maintenance tasks are always different, but most often they are more related to the cables between the ground current device and the machine, their connections and connectors.

The annual maintenance of the ground power source is aimed at avoiding unexpected breakdowns and ensuring its reliability. During annual maintenance, the device is serviced and checked at least according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With experience, there are also things to check that are not necessarily mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual. The device is also subjected to a load test, using an artificial load device suitable for the purpose.

Our Partners

We act as equipment maintenance mainly at Finnish airports. Our areas of expertise include shore power and diesel engines.

Our company’s operating area is the whole of Finland, with an emphasis on airports. We operate as a subcontractor for airport service providers.

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